"Music is good for every facet of life.  It enriches the soul, nourishes the mind, and fosters a discipline that is both enjoyable and edifying to the spirit.  Science has proven a correlation between music study and success in other areas of reason and art. Through music we laugh, cry, play, and create.  In its language,  we praise God, with and without words.  It is a lifelong pleasure for those who choose it. "

As an educator, I make every effort to tailor the lesson time to individual learning styles andneeds.  Motivation and progress are directly tied to the tone of the lesson and techniques used to expedite learning.  Please feel free to contact me and discuss any difficulty your child is experiencing.  

The Parents' Responsibility:

Parental encouragement is paramount to effective practicing and progress. Help your child establish a daily habit of practice that is not too hard to keep and is sensitive to his or her temperament and personality.  Long practice periods are not usually productive, but shorter periods work far better.  Some children excel when the practice time is broken into segments built around their other activities.  Just remember to view this time as a privilege to grow and not a chore. It is a responsibility to be undertaken with its own rewards down the line.  Because children cannot see well beyond today,  be quick to praise your child for a job well done, reward him/her appropriately, and help me address any problems.

About the Lessons:

  • Lesson times are a weekly repeating 30-minute session jam-packed to promote piano skills intentionally directed toward your child’s learning style.
  • Students will receive a binder for their assignments and other pages as relevant.  Please have these items at every lesson.
  • The studio will be closed for holidays, regular breaks,  and snow days. 

About the Tuition:

  • Tuition is $100 monthly, plus materials, paid in advance to Barbara Williams.  Please have your  tuition check at the first lesson of each month.
  • Monthly fees are reasonable within our area for professional instruction and based on the average number of sessions for the school year and will remain the same regardless of the number of weeks in the month.  
  • Lessons missed by your child will not be made up.  We assume that over the year, the 5-week months will make this equitable for you.  
  • As a courtesy, please do notify me if your child will need to miss a lesson.  These spots can be used for other studio tasks.  
  • If you wish to have lessons during the summer, they may be arranged on a per-lesson basis.

Studio Locations

Lesson spots available beginning in October, 2017, in Norfolk, VA (Larchmont)

E-mail me at barbaralisterwilliams@ygmail.com


About the Teacher:

A songwriter and lifetime music professional, Barbara began piano and violin lessons at the age of 7, spent her school years performing as a pianist, string player, guitarist, and singer in choral groups, later proceeding to earn a bachelors degree in music education and English literature at the University of South Florida.
She has served as church pianist/keyboardist/bassist at several churches in Florida as well as the Nashville area, and has served as accompanist in countless school and community theatre settings.
Barbara began her teaching career in the Tampa area where she conducted a studio of over fifty students.  After moving to Naples, Florida, she entered a 20-year period of classroom teaching including band instruction for students grades 4 through 12.  After-school hours were devoted to writing music and teaching piano, where she enjoyed guiding students through competitions and other performances.   After moving to the Nashville area, she kept her studio alive with some wonderfully creative young students, and today has relocated to Norfolk, VA.  Please contact her at barbaralisterwilliams@gmail.com for lesson availability.