What You Can Learn From Your Dog

Do you have a dog? 

No doubt you've made a study of how to train your furry friend.  But have you thought about what your dog is teaching you?

Max, my schnauzer, has set me straight about life.  He has a no-whining attitude.   The pulse of his happiness can be measured by the wag of his tail and the sparkle in his eye.  He expects to work for a living.  He’ll play fetch longer than you care to pitch. He diligently keeps watch over the real estate for which he is responsible.  He flushes out wild vermin, and if dogs or humans invade, he sounds an alarm that would wake the dead. He sits by during desk work (just in case he’s needed) and will follow his master anywhere. He absolutely lives for an off-leash romp in the park, and yet, when Master says “come”, he presents his neck for re-tethering.  When the day is done, he obediently goes to his quarters and gets his ZZZZZ’s so he can live to revel in another day.

He's illiterate by human terms, but doesn’t care.  He’s been neutered.  That has effect on neither his strength nor his confidence.  He can’t get a drivers’ license, but hey, he’s oblivious.  He’s not the biggest canine on the block, but he remains content with the package he was dealt.  He has the face of a wise old professor, the heart of a champion, and the indomitable spirit of the Energizer Bunny.

He makes no demands, but he gets two square meals a day.  All the fresh filtered water he desires.  Bones.  Toys.  A nice place to sleep. Music and lively conversation.

Somebody walks him regularly.  Plays ball.  Scratches him on the head and calls him “buddy”.  His humans even brush him daily, well almost, and once in a while he gets the dreaded bath, but he just shakes himself and goes on with life.  He has no worries.

You see, he lives to please his master, and his master gives him everything he needs.  And his master takes great joy in his company.  His master delights in his obedience, and laughs with sheer delight at his spunk.  

Why can’t our life be more like that?  Don’t make it so complicated.  Trust the Lord. 


You’re in good hands.

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